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BPD (Pumps & Motors)
  • Non contacting Bearing Protection Device for rotating equipment
BPD-GB (Electric Motors)
  • A unique combination of labyrinth seal and grounding brush technology
  • 100% elimination of stray currents.
BPD-C (Gearboxes)
  • Designed for flooded gearbox shafts
  • Contains oil in vertical down and horizontal positions
BPD-PB (Pillow Blocks)
  • Designed specifically for split pillow block housings
  • Extensive Dodge and SKF database
BPD-T (Steam Turbines)
  • Designed to be slow rolled indefinitely
  • Excludes bearing housing contamination ingress
  • Operates up to 650oF
BPD-OM (Oil Mist)
  • Contains stray mist statically and dynamically the full benefit of oil mist lubrication while offering consistent performance for the entire life of the equipment.
BPD-F (Paper Machine Rolls)
  • Redundant dynamic and static contamination ingress protection
  • Designed for ease of installation and removal.
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PSD (Pneumatic Sealing Device)
  • A non-contacting gas seal design that replaces packing or mechanical seals