Bearing Protection Device

The Patented Orion Engineered Seals BPD represents state of the art bearing protection technology that is non‐contacting when the equipment is both stationary and rotating. This feature enables the seal to be operated at low and high speeds without sacrificing design features or effectiveness. The Orion BPD works as a system by utilizing the laws of physics and many layers of protection. The Orion BPD has proven to be the best performing (IP66) and the most efficient way to protect the bearings of your rotating equipment. Orion designed the BPD
with a comprehensive understanding of rotating equipment, operating environments, and bearing operating conditions coupled with decades of practical industrial rotating equipment experience. Orion has developed a highly effective and reliable bearing protection device which can be utilized on many different pieces of rotating equipment.

BPD bearing protection system features:

  • Redundant static and dynamic contamination exclusion capabilities
  • Static elastomers
  • Requires no break in period
  • ICE (Integrated Contaminant Exclusion) system

Split and solid seals perform identically
Superior lubrication retention capability regardless of lubrication method
Performs consistently and flawlessly from start up through years of operation