BPD-GB – Motor Bearing Protection Device Incorporates a grounding brush



Problem: The increased use of VFD’s offers substantial efficiency improvements. However, a key drawback is stray VFD generated currents that result in premature motor bearing failures.

Solution: The BPD-GB

  • Specifically designed to divert the stray current that is generated by VFD’s; utilizes established grounding brush technology.
  • Incorporates all of the standard BPD contamination exclusion features
  • Most effective current diversion technology available today
  • Performance is consistent throughout the life of the seal. Minimum operating life rating is 5 years of continuous duty.
  • Standalone grounding brush available for applications where there is minimal airborne contamination, i.e. , HVAC applications.
  • No special shaft coatings required as is required with fiber brush technology.
  • Works on all shafts and surfaces.