Since the opening of Orion Engineered Seals in 2011, our team has been working tirelessly to ensure we have the most innovative products available to increase the reliability of rotating equipment. Among our various product lines, it is our patented Bearing Protection Device (BPD) in its many design variations that separates us from our competition. In March of 2017, after a long yet rewarding process, we were issued a US PATENT for our robust and distinctly innovative Bearing Protection Device (BPD) technology. There is so much we could say about why our products stand above our competition, but today I’m going to focus specifically on the team behind the BPD and why Orion has been so successful.

Todd Brickson, Director of Engineering has been working in manufacturing for over 25 years and is enjoying the fruits of his hard work. When designing the BPD device he had a few key points going through his mind.

1. To create the most effective, innovative, and efficient design in bearing protection

2. How can we be innovative in the market and create something that has never been seen before

3. Develop multiple internal layers of contaminant control that would surpass any design available in the market today.

With those goals in place, Todd did just that, but it didn’t just stop after the designing of the BPD. Then it had to be created into a physical reality which took our president Randy Jaskot working closely together with the entire team to perfect the BPD to what our company envisioned. The challenge to create a design that would perform better than the competition is something that drove Randy, Todd, and the team to do such an outstanding job.

Now, as our patent has become a reality, we felt compelled to share this news with all who could benefit from this cutting edge technology. Not only the news about the product but to give you an understanding of the great team behind the BPD and all Orion products as well. Orion Engineered Seals has grown exponentially on a global scale, and we encourage you to visit our website ( for further information about our BPD and all other products we offer.